The Awesome Light of the Nordic Summer Night

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The Nordic summer night is short.

It's light.

It's astonishingly beautiful.

Sun setting into the sea. It didn't quite disappear until just a few minutes before midnight.

Every summer, especially in June, I say to my wife something like: “I should go to bed, but I don't want to. The night is too beautiful.” And it's true. It's light all night and you just feel like sleeping would be wasting precious time of pure beauty.

I spent a night by the sea with my camera on the Midsummer weekend. This is how it really looks. I didn't go to bed until long after sunrise (which was already at 03:20 on June 22 2020 in Nykarleby).

My main task was to capture both sunset and sunset in one timelapse movie without moving the camera. My 90° wide angle lens (20 mm combined with full frame camera) had no problem with that since the angle between sunset and sunrise was only about 50°.

What is a timelapse, you might ask. It's a movie made out of still images taken with a certain frequency during a given time. My camera took a photo every 15 seconds during five hours and made the 1200 images into a 48 second movie. At the bottom of this page.

I was prepared to sleep in my car during the timelapse capture, but the night was way too beautiful to be wasted on sleeping. Don't you agree?

Two of these photos are now available as standard prints in my webshop. Please check them out. The photo is signed by me on the back side (unless you request a front side signature). Thanks for reading! Enjoy the photos!

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At 11 PM the sun was very close to the horizon. But it didn't disappear until an hour later.

There's something about seeing the sun setting in the sea.

More than 16 minutes from the point when the sun touched the horizon until it was gone.

Me checking the timelapse camera.

This is how light it really is at night in June where I live.

A beautiful sight. Swans flying over my head.

This is where I spent the night with my cameras. Nykarleby, Finland.

The airplane line was lit by the sunlight.

It's 03:15 and the sun is about to rise.

Astonishing morning light on these awesome rocks.

After sunrise I went home and got a few (too few) hours of sleep.