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An introduction to Aurora Forecasts

Part 1 of my preparations for Northern Lights photography is knowing when to head out in the darkness. That's why I always keep my eyes on the Aurora Forecasts.

Here's a quick introduction to understanding them. Below the video is also some links to Aurora forecast websites and apps.



Current Kp index:

27 day Aurora forecast:

Current and recent Kp index:

Android Apps

The Photo

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Forgive me 1: I do not know how to link to IOS apps. But you can search for SpaceWeatherLive. I hope they have an IOS version of it. But any app will do because they get their data from the same source anyway.

Forgive me 2: I mixed up the terms a little. The 1 hour forecast (not the 3 day forecast) is the one that should be called the Short Term Forecast.