Can you see the aurora through clouds?

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Last fall I saw the Northern Lights six times from August to December.

And I missed approximately 20 auroras during the same period! The reason: CLOUDS.

Aurora shining through the clouds while a train lights up the railroad track. Location: Nykarleby, Finland.

In general, clouds are spoiling the Northern Lights experience. The Aurora Borealis appear on an altitude of at least 80 kilometers. This means that clouds are always in the way, like a curtain that prevents you from seeing all the magic that's happening up there.

Many people have had their aurora trips ruined because of cloudy weather. The best advice for people travelling north to see the Northern Lights is: Go for the destination not only for the Northern Lights.

But there are things you can do when you want to see the aurora and it's cloudy. This checklist will help you deal with the situation.

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In general you should choose a destination that has other interesting things to see and do and do not only think about seeing the aurora borealis, because you may get very disappointed if it's inactive or if it happens to be cloudy.

Nykarleby is a small town with many beautiful wooden houses.

However, a week ago the aurora proved to be strong enough to shine through clouds. I have not seen that happen very often, but if the clouds are thin and the aurora is strong it is obviously possible.

So …

Can you see the Northern Lights through clouds?

Yes, sometimes you can. When the cloud cover is thin and the aurora is strong enough.





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