The End is Near

Aurora drew a line on the night sky with her giant green marker pen.

At this point every time I'm shooting the Northern Lights I think it might be the last time for the season.

It's only a few weeks until we have light nights and no darkness for three months. I can't see the midnight sun where I live, I would have to live a lot further north for that. But the nights are light all summer, starting from mid May.

I have learned that clouds keep me from seeing most of the Auroras dancing in the sky, so it's only logic to think the season for actually seeing them will be over any day.

Last night I chose to be outside instead of sleeping. (Yes, my head constantly reminds me of that right now.) But as always I cannot regret such a decision. I chose a new area to explore for Northern Lights photography. Changed location a couple of times and came home with lots of nice photos.

Here are a selection of them. All are for sale although they are not in my webshop. Just let me know if you would like one on your wall.

PS. I sometimes do a live broadcast on Instagram during my night photo adventures. Follow @nordlandfin if you want to be among the viewers. I think I had only one viewer last night. The late hours might be the reason.

The Finnish version of Mount Fuji in the foreground.

I missed the best moments as I was still driving towards my chosen destination then and only saw it between the trees. But the Northern Lights became more active three times during my 4 hours of aurora hunting.

This is a place I have to explore further. But maybe not until next season.

The last photo I took before heading home at 3:15 am. It was like a goodby as my car turns away from the Northern Lights.

In my next post I will reveal a few things I have learned during this season. Don't miss it. Follow my Facebook page if you haven't already and you will get a notification when it's published.

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