Ove Lillas is a trained photographer. In 2015 he started taking photos of the Northern Lights and it soon became a passion of his. He started his webshop Nordic Landscape in 2017 to make his photographs available to the world. Today he is constantly following the Aurora Forecasts and go out in the darkness as often as he can to capture this unique natural phenomenon.

“Sometimes I stop taking pictures and just stand and watch the aurora show in awe. I feel very fortunate to live in a place where the Northern Lights can be seen, especially since I learned that millions of people around the world have seeing the Aurora Borealis on their Travel Bucket Lists.”

Ove lives in Nykarleby, a small town on the Finnish west coast. It's close to the sea and there is plenty of darkness, which is what you want when looking at the Northern Lights. 

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62 pages filled with stunning photos and the stories about the situations in which they were taken.

In the book, Finnish photographer Ove Lillas tells the true stories about the photos he has taken. You will get see the true beauty of this fantastic phenomenon and get an understanding of how it really is to chase the Northern Lights in western Finland. 

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