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Nordic Landscape Finland


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Grab your free ebook and follow me on my excursions to capture the beauty of the Nordic Landscape and the Aurora Borealis.

 62 pages filled with stunning photos and the stories about the situations in which they were taken.

Are the Northern Lights on your bucket list?

Do you want to see the Northern Lights but you hesitate to spend the time and the money to travel to the north to see them? Please keep the dream alive. The Aurora Borealis is like nothing else in this world!

To enjoy the beauty of the Northern Lights you won't have to travel at all. Hang the Northern Lights on your wall and let them amaze you every day. Here is a collection of my best Northern Lights photos taken on the west coast of Finland. 

201023 7741 Norrsken Ove.jpg
210813 sv5806 Ove MINI.jpg

First time visitor? Here's a quick introduction.

My name is Ove Lillas. I am the founder and the sole photographer of Nordic Landscape. I have a passion for landscape photography and the Northern Lights. And I love to tell stories, true stories. You will find the story to each photo when clicking it in the webshop.