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Are the Northern Lights
on your bucket list?

Do you want to see the Northern Lights but hesitate to spend the time and the money to travel to the north to see them? Please keep that dream alive! The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) is a magical phenomenon like nothing else in this world. Seeing them is a precious experience and you should definitely make that Aurora trip at some point in your life.

But I get it. It's expensive, it takes time and the the Northern Lights are only seen where it's cold and dark. And one more thing, travelling to the north is no guarantee for actually seeing them. They might be inactive or it may be cloudy during your visit.

In order to get a mini Northern Lights experience right now you won't have to travel at all. Here at the Nordic Landscape website I have collected a selection of the best Northern Lights photos taken where I live, on the west coast of Finland. 

My name is Ove Lillas. I am the founder and the sole photographer of Nordic Landscape. I have a passion for landscape photography and the Northern Lights. And I love to tell stories, true stories, and compose music. You will find the story of each photo when clicking it in the webshop and I'm constantly working on composing specific soundtracks to each photo.

It's totally free to read the stories and listen to the soundtracks—and look at the photos, of course. It's all there for YOU!

If you have any questions, please ask them in the contact form below. I'd love to get in touch with you!


– photographer

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